BHF Pedometer Challenge

The Pedometer Challenge is an opportunity to join with your colleagues and compete against other teams in your workplace to walk the most steps and raise the most money for the British Heart Foundation.

The BHF Pedometer Challenge app can be used to record your physical activity on the go using a Apple’s HealthKit, built in stopwatch and a GPS distance tracker. All activities can be added without an internet connection (stored on your device to be uploaded when you are next online).

Linked to Apple’s HealthKit, you can import the step count directly into the app when adding a steps/pedometer activity and clicking the import from HealthKit button.

Note – continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.…/id1288001630?mt=8&uo=4

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Version: 1.3.25
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24GO by 24 Hour Fitness

Are you guessing what you should do at the gym? Is it hard to find the time or motivation to go work out? 24GO helps you reach your fitness goals by providing the perfect thing for you to do – at the gym, at home, or anywhere – based on what you like, what you’ve done, and more.

Answer a few questions about your fitness experience, preferences and goals to create your personal profile. With the information you share and through your interactions with 24GO over time, 24GO can constantly personalize our health and fitness recommendations.


HIT YOUR GOALS FASTER with Hundreds of Workouts and Plans

– Browse over 300 in-club and at home workouts from trusted partners like 24 Hour Fitness, YourTrainer, and Move 123

– Find live in-club Group X classes and on-demand group exercise videos with the hottest music

– Browse Health, Fitness, and Wellness articles from industry experts and stay up to speed on the hottest trends.

– With 24GO Premium, subscribers will receive all the above, with personalized workouts, classes, and content delivered right to your home page.

– 24GO Premium subscribers also receive access to Adaptive workouts and plans that adjust and learn from you, giving you the confidence you are doing the right workout in that moment for your goal. Change intensity or replace an exercise instantly within your workout.

– With 24GO Premium and its Adaptive workouts, you’ll enjoy endless combinations of exercises for tons of variety, and durations to fit your schedule.


– Add new and favorite workouts to your schedule so you can hold yourself accountable and stay on track

– Receive alerts and reminders about your scheduled workouts

– Allowing 24GO access to your calendar makes it easier to see what’s already on your schedule so that you can add workouts and classes in a snap

– Allowing 24GO access to your location enables 24GO to recommend workouts based on your location such as in a gym or at home (Recommended workouts based on location is a 24GO Premium feature)

MEASURE AND RECOGNIZE SUCCESS with Progress and Goal Tracking

– Connect your wearables and record additional workouts for a truly custom experience that evolves along with you.

– Apple Health integration. 24GO can send your workout data (Active Energy, Heart Rate, and Workouts) to Apple Health so they count towards your Activity Rings. 24GO can also read data from Apple Health (Date of Birth, Height, Weight and Sex) and use this data to recommend 24GO workouts for you.

– Are you a 24 Hour Fitness member? Add your personal trainer to your account so they can help keep you on track, plus track your club visits, see GX24 schedules, read 24Life® articles, view and earn Fit:Perks® Rewards points and more!

– Not a 24 Hour Fitness member? No problem! 24GO can recommend workouts based on your location and the equipment you have on hand.

Summary…..Really, you aren’t convinced yet?

24GO is free to download and use.

Upgrading to 24GO Premium provides real-time recommendations, unlimited plans and workouts, and patent-pending adaptive in-club and at home workouts that instantly adapt to and learn from you to help you reach your goals even faster.

The $5.99 monthly subscription will be charged to your iTunes account at confirmation of purchase. Your subscription automatically renews unless you cancel your subscription 24 hours prior to the end of the current period. You may manage your subscription in your Account Settings in iTunes after purchase. No cancellation of the current subscription is allowed during an active subscription period. A user that cancels during a subscription period will not be charged for the following period.

The 24GO Privacy Policy can be found at

The 24GO Terms of Use can be found at…/id1291447822?mt=8&uo=4

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Qwidder: Support Partner

Oh, hey there!

Did you know that a person is much more likely to quit smoking when an accountability partner is present? That’s you! If you know someone in your life who is struggling to quit smoking, simply sign-up & send a quick invite to download the Qwidder app. Let them know that they have your support!

Take advantage of Qwidder’s robust set of support tools…

– Live Chat: Respond to your partner’s craving alerts and talk them through each cigarette craving one-by-one. Or initiate a chat to offer real-time support and encouragement. Keep them focused and motivated!

– Meaningful Tracking: Follow along with your partner’s quitting progress. View their moment-to-moment stats; watch their health improve as they reach health milestones; celebrate their achievements as they unlock trophies; receive daily notifications about their success & setbacks; monitor their overall progress as they earn Qwidder Points and level-up!

– Have Some Fun: Being a super hero is hard work. So why not take a break with a few games of our Word Search challenge? Before you know it, you’ll be humming the catchy theme song like the rest of us!

And much more…

Thank you for being a Supporter!

** Please note: If you are currently a smoker looking to quit smoking, this companion app is not required. Simply search for our Qwidder “Quit Smoking” app, create an account, and begin your awesome journey towards a smoke-free life!…/id1322471314?mt=8&uo=4

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Qwidder: Quit Smoking

Quitting smoking is serious business, but who says that it has to be boring? Don’t just stare at numbers on a screen, stay engaged in your progress with Qwidder’s unique & easy-to-use interface and let our Craving Alert Button be your trusty sidekick! Begin your awesome journey towards a smoke-free life.

Whether you’re quitting together or quitting solo, take advantage of Qwidder’s robust set of smoking cessation tools…

– Meaningful Tracking: Quickly log the details of each & every craving; follow your health milestones moment-to-moment; use the personal journal to let out your frustrations; set savings goals for extra motivation; achieve fun & relevant trophies; receive daily feedback notifications about your success; share your progress online, and pledge your smoke-free commitment to the world!

– Real-Time Accountability Partners: Did you know that a person is much more likely to achieve their goals when an accountability partner is present? Team up with a friend or family member (smoker or non-smoker) and connect to a one-on-one chat whenever a craving sneaks up on you.

– Innovative Point System: Qwidder Points (QP) are an overall indicator of how far you have progressed, and how engaged you are with your day-to-day quitting efforts. Earn points from every craving defeated, as well as for other activities related to your daily progress. Level-up and see how many cravings you can beat in a row!

– Challenging Distractions: No matter how strong your will power is, everyone needs a break. So why not keep your mind busy with a few games of our Word Search challenge? Before you know it, you’ll be humming the catchy theme song like the rest of us. Qwidder will even track your cigarette craving while you play!

– Additional Stats Include: Total money saved, nicotine & tar avoided, cigarettes not smoked, time since last craving, time since last cigarette, time left to quit, total cravings defeated, and even a nifty post-craving survey to discover the in’s and out’s of your own craving patterns.

And much more… Be A Qwidder!

** Please note: If you are a non-smoker looking to support someone else’s quitting efforts, this app is not required. Simply search for our Qwidder “Support Partner” app, create an account, and send an invite to a friend or family member of your choice. Quit together!…/id1322027654?mt=8&uo=4

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BMI BodyFat Calculator ideal

BMI BodyFat Calculator Pro is a free application for the iPhone and iPod Touch. You can easily calculate your BMI (Body Mass Index). The result of the calculation indicates your BMI category. For example underweight or obese.
Weight, body mass index and fat tracker with data analysis and ideal calculator.

– saves and analyzes your weight -, BMI -and body fat on a daily basis;
– gives you 3 possible ways of calculating your body fat (using a scientific technique based on your gender + BMI, or the skin pinch method);
– allows you to enter data from previous dates;
– lets you search using specific criteria (e.g. weight, date etc);
– finds your ideal weight, or ideal BMI by evaluating your personal weight entries and makes recommendations based on your BMI and personal data;
– allows you to Save, Edit and Delete selected weight values;
– analyzes + makes recommendations about your ideal target weight and BMI using your personal data (height, weight, age and gender)
– quickly converts between kilograms /pounds and cm/inches
– shows you how much weight you’ve lost since you began storing your values
By changing the settings you can calculate in cm or inches and in kg or lbs.

Give it a try and calculate your personal BMI.…/id1326326935?mt=8&uo=4

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Our predictive, intelligent approach truly helps kids beat bedwetting! Our patent-pending intelligent alarm helps keep your child dry throughout the night by intelligently alarming in advance of a bedwetting incident. Our AI chatbot and virtual coach guides you and your child to success with personalized tips and celebrates your child’s milestones along the way.

GOGO BAND helps give kids their childhood back and free the family from the challenges of bedwetting…/id1314689325?mt=8&uo=4

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Version: 1.0
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찍고먹고(CalsBuddy):다이어트 음식사진 분석 앱

다이어트 찍고 먹고 (CalsBuddy)는 당신의 다이어트 성공을 위해 인공지능에 기반해 다음의 기능등을 제공합니다.

#. 주요 기능:
– 음식사진 칼로리 분석 (딥러닝기반 인공지능 엔진)
– 다각적 사용자정보(체중목표, 활동성, 성별, 나이, 몸무게, 키)기반 추천 칼로리(RDI) 분석 및 제안
– 체중감량(다이어트) 목표 설정 및 추적
– 섭취한 칼로리 기록 및 데이터 분석을 위한 다이어트 다이어리
– 부족한 영양소 분석 및 추천음식 제안
– 식사패턴 분석을 통한 다이어트 식습관 제안
– 실시간 사진분석 실패 시 Buddy 분석(고도화 인공지능 분석) 제공
– 국내 최다 음식 Database 데이터 제공
– Naver, Google 기반 가입 및 로그인 제공
– 지속적인 다이어트를 위한 주기적 알림 서비스

이제 찍어보세요. 그리고 드시면 됩니다. 당신의 다이어트 Buddy와 함께…/id1325627624?mt=8&uo=4

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Biotrend Koala

The KOALA baby welfare monitor is a device that allows parents to be present in the healthy growth of their newborn children even at times when they should rest.

The KOALA is a marsupial that carries its young in its bag as they grow and begin to take care of themselves. Rest during the day to be fully active during the night, when you go out to look for food to feed.

Biotrend KOALA is attentive during the night, when the parents must rest, to help them keep their little protégé and warn them promptly of any episode that requires their immediate attention.

It is medically proven that the best early non-invasive indicator of apnea is pulse oximetry or blood oxygen saturation.

Biotrend has an exclusive oximetry measurement algorithm. He has designed and manufactured thousands of oximetry equipment that currently monitor patients at the most prestigious health centers.

Their OEM designs are part of hundreds of high-precision medical equipment, neonatal incubators, multi-parameter monitors and mechanical respirators.

Biotrend has integrated and miniaturized its technology to create KOALA, a product that revolutionizes the market for its reliability in the measurement of vital parameters and for its excellent ease of use, through an application for smartphones.…/id1324038365?mt=8&uo=4

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Our mission is to create a collaborative platform uniting all aspects of health care starting with patient centered in home health. We provide mobile healthcare services to patients in the comfort of their homes, offices, work, clinics etc. Services offered include phlebotomy and paramedical insurance exams nationwide.…/id1305066793?mt=8&uo=4

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Version: 3.0.0
Seller: Omair Siddiqui
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